Nebulous Sky is a painting in acrylic, stretched on canvas of size 12 x 16 inches. The size of this abstract painting is appropriate to adorn your walls along the alleys, corridors or maximalist space. In a maximalist area, the décor objects are fashioned as opposed to a minimalist style, which opens up several doors for a range of pouring painting art and 3D resin paintings.


In this acrylic painting, the techniques of fluid art are evident with a captivating flow of two brotherly hues: Purple and Violet. The vast space comprises many nebulae distanced at millions of light-years and visible to a naked eye like specks of light. These nebulae reflect a plethora of absolutely dazzling and incandescent shades.


In this painting, the pouring process and rhythmic movement of acrylic paints will amuse an art lover, students, and aficionados. Think about it as a home décor object, which is bound to catch envious eyes. Fluid pour painting by Lillian Lee artist is open to customization to coordinate with your homes, curtains, upholstery, and linen. With complete awareness, artists at Serene Life Art need two whole days to finish Nebulous Sky fluid pour painting.

Each painting is make-to-order. The pattern will be different from the photos of original paintings.
Painting will be delivered with stretched canvas ( with a wooden frame inside). The outside frame will be not be included.


Nebulous Sky | Acrylic Pouring

SKU: Huimin-Blue

【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Stretched canvas.

【Size】: 12 x 16  inches.

【Depth】: 1.8 CM / 0.7 inches.

【Process】: 2 days.