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Serene Life Art Workshop

The extremely skilled and talented beyond words artist behind Serene Life Art, Lillian Lee has been making resin art for many years. She developed an interest in this art form while taking care of her lovely koi fish pet for over 14 years. She felt mesmerized by their peaceful movements and gestures and felt an urge to paint them. 

After years of research and she discovered the Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori. Fukahori was the man behind the stunning 3D goldfish paintings which were created by using layers of resin and acrylic paint to create depth. 

There is a great difference in normal canvas painting and watercolor painting in layers between resin. Even though resin painting is different from classic paintings, both require different techniques, amount of time, and attention to the details. The resin surface is extremely smooth and thin and feels like glass. Hence, in the beginning, it was really hard to get them right and produce a product that Lillian had aimed for. At that time, resin art was a new art style and only very few people knew how to do it. There were no youtube tutorials, blogs, or articles to look up to for information and learn from. But with time and a lot of practice, things fell in place and the artwork became better and better.

serene life art workshop resin art koi fish painting

The complex process of making resin paintings requires lots of effort and patience. One smaller piece can take up to 10 days to complete, but the final product is worth all the effort.


Sealife is a common motif in resin artwork and it has a deep connection with Chinese culture and the fish signify blessings and luck. Early paintings that she made were adored by her friends and family therefore she decided to opt for it as a full-time job. 

Lillian believes that the handmade original resin art is a very special and creative gift to people at any age for

birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation, and Christmas. The Gifted Studio was set up by Lillian in 2013. And the customers were amazed about the great quality and lifelike fish painting resin artwork that Lillian painted.


In 2019, the Gifted Studio turned into Serene Life Art Ltd which not only provides resin paintings but has recently added resin jewelry, pouring painting wall art, resin phone stands, resin makeup organizers, and resin wood furniture to the inventory. Resin jewelry and makeup organizers are the perfect gifts for the woman of your life and can make their dressing table full of dreamy accessories. 

Ocean resin painting and acrylic pour painting are all set to brighten up your living room. You can hang some of them at your workplace to lighten up the mood as well. The secret behind so many stunning and innovative resin paintings in our collection is that Lillian puts in love and compassion into these. Her dedication and excitement for each piece make them extraordinary. She’s been very lucky and found a super talented team to work with that share the same level of hard work and passion for this very new art form.

Our gallery contains a resin art collection that will suit the color scheme of your house perfectly. Resin river tables are a new cool thing in the art industry and we have some of the best designs that you can pick from. Skillfully designed resin tables will conveniently serve 10-12 people on a Christmas dinner or even at a business meeting in your conference room.

We have launched an online shop and set up our workshop- Serene Life Art in order to reach out to as many people as we can and introduce them to this wonderful world of art. If you are interested in painting resin art and want to see the process of creating a resin painting, you could check out our blog. If you have any ideas and want to customize your own resin artwork, we are all ears!

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