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Mr Qiao

Mr. Qiao has a solid macromolecular materials academic background. He creates non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting synthetic resin that meets the national and international SGS standard. He greatly improved the adhesion of wood and resin, and his techniques for stone and resin bonding is world-leading.

Mr Zhang

Mr. Zhang is mainly responsible for creative design and development. Thanks to his years of furniture design experience, he brings a unique personal understanding of our products.

Production Manager

Mr Wu

Mr. Wu ensure that manufacturing processes run reliably and efficiently.

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Lillian is responsible for the company's product development and sales platform implementation. She also handles art direction and creates bespoke artwork.

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Lewis has 6 years of experience as a resin painting artist, and has an incredible eye for detail.

Junior Artist & Assistant


Yvonne is an up and coming artist with strong foundations. She is quickly mastering the layered resin painting techniques. 

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