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Tancho Koi Fish wall art marks the beauty of an alternative mode of acrylic painting. The 3D resin artwork depicts six Koi fishes; amongst them, four are facing in a similar direction. As far as the other two Kois are concerned, one is aligned with the other four fishes and facing in the opposite direction. The second one is arranged on the edge of the frame. Couple dozens of tiny white pebbles lie at the base of this beautiful dwelling of Kois. These white Kois are enjoying their leisure, surrounded by burnt sienna frame-fence.


The presence of absolutely no other living creature other than Koi fishes projects the idea of pleasure in solitude. Solitude helps in getting back to your roots and concerns. While the world is increasing disorder, we can maintain harmony by only reaching out to our depths. Perfectly framed and presented with a great deal of patience, hang Tancho Koi Fish in your living room or bedroom. Furthermore, they also prove to be a perfect art for kitchens and children’s bedrooms. While kids are attracted to these slimy aquatic creatures, you can have your solitude moments.


Resin art paintings can be easily cleaned and maintained. A piece of damp cloth suffices the need. Besides, the precision in rendering and finesse of the 3D resin artwork draws everybody towards the captivating beauty of the same. The 3D resin art requires several days and months to complete, and the artists at Serene Life Art are equipped with essential skills for this patient task.

Tancho Koi Fish | Resin Painting | Wall Art Decor


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Outside frame】: 23 CM / 9 inches.

【Inside container】: 13 CM / 5.1 inches.

【Width of frame】: 4.5 CM /  1.8 inches.

【Depth of frame】: 3.5 CM / 1.4  inches.

【Layers of resin】: 10 layers.

【Process】: 15 days.

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