Tsunami Waves brings to your doorstep an array of radiance and illuminating light. Ocean painting is one of our experimental resin art for sale, which are eventually garnering immense fame. Bringing home one of these series will undoubtedly be the best decision. Nature not only deceives us by its enormity but also leaves us baffled by the tiny forms of life on the earth.


Tsunami Waves, a series of ocean paintings in resin, is executed on a circular wooden board, with magnificent shells and sand infused in the resin solution. The color palette of blues and degrees of beiges create a noble yet titillating drama. With ocean beach and ocean waves peacefully taking turns to maintain the balance in the universe, the tides actually wait for none. So, take a deep breath and enhance your wall or coffee table with this ocean artwork.


Available in variable sizes, you can let us know the best size that will suit your wall decors. Besides, do not forget to club them in many, for you need not miss the friendly and majestic communication between them. Serene Life Art is open to customization so that you can add some more beach elements and differ in color schemes.

Tsunami Waves | Ocean Resin Art | Wall Decor