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Teal Leviathon with Cherry Blossoms is a stark and vivid representation of Leviathon, a mythical Jewish dragon. The 3D art with resin comprises a gorgeously rendered dragon crawling on the Chinese golden coins and three cherry blossoms nearby the tail. Dragons are primarily associated with treasure, immense powers, and laudable features. With the addition of flowers, the piece inserts a quality of sensitivity, compassion, and nobility.


Leviathan was a female dragon who lived in the abyss of waters. She was remarkably powerful and had a hold over the universe, which, if she was invigorated, could devastate the entirety. With gigantic and wriggling body and tail, she had an appearance similar to the crocodile. She had amassed wealth from all the other universes in the space. The coins and flowers in a wooden bowl are emblematic of her influential personality.


The enormity suffices our life, and we feel established without restlessness towards any craving. Display Teal Leviathon with Cherry Blossoms at your required space to experience the generosity instilling in your life. The talented Serene Life Art artist will make sure that your wishes are fulfilled in your customized 3D resin art.

Teal Leviathon With Cherry Blossoms


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin & Coins

【Diameter】: 11.5 CM / 4.5 inches.

【Height】: 3 CM / 1.2 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 10  layers.

【Process】: 12 days.

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