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Shubunkins are single-tailed goldfishes, which are tricolored and tapering at the tail of dark grey shade. With such mesmerizing color schemes, nature has furthermore granted them with subtle structure. The Shubunkin Cluster comprises four Shubunkin fishes spaciously composed in a wooden bowl. Open to customization, customers sometimes desire to either add or subtract one goldfish, depending on the concept they ideate.


The biodiversity plays a game that is not known to either animal nor human. When the land and sky embraced the earth for millions of years, they finally thought of adding life, which resulted in the creation of fishes in the waters. The waters were glad to receive these companions in the form of Goldfishes. So, initially, there was nothing on the earth, and these fishes circled in the seas with no craving for food but leisure time.


The narrative of life on earth millions ago vividly represent on the lap of the textural wooden bowl. Stories provide an exhilarating dimension to the living. Hence, investing in the Shubunkin Cluster will enlighten the space with vigor and exuberance.

Shubunkin Cluster | 3D Resin Art | Home Decor


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Diameter】: 20 CM / 7.9 inches.

【Height】: 4 CM / 1.6  inches.

【Layers of resin】: 8  layers.

【Process】: 9 days.

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