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Ocean Skerries allows you to take a flight high in the sky where you might enjoy the delights of the celestial atmosphere. Surrounded by an ethereal prevalence, as you see down, you find hopeful skerry within the waters. Experience the small island where you can run along the ocean waves while contemplating the inner conscience and staring at horizontal from the ocean beach.


The ocean painting utilized the techniques of 3D resin art on a circular wooden board. Each ocean artwork undergoes a natural process of resin pouring while being handled by artists of Serene Life Art. Practicing for many years, the deft and talent has provided them an ability to render the best of the ocean landscape. Arrange them on a free-standing hook or on a wall to deck up the areas with a glimmering personality. How awesome it is to bring the ocean to your home when you cannot go there every day!


Lillian Lee leaves no stone unturned in collecting the oceanic elements only to see the gleaming faces of customers. Make sure you let us know your preferences, and our team will deliver the best of ocean resin art.  Besides, think of multiplies to develop a mesmerizing ocean view in your homes.

Ocean Skerries | Resin Art | Wall Decor


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Sand & Shells & Resin & Wooden board.

【Size】: 12"x 12" inches.

【Process】: 17 days.

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