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Enhance the aesthetic of your home with the unique and beautiful resin artworks of Lillian Lee. With a deep understanding of the art of drawing and painting, Lillian is a highly skilled artist who has honed her craft through her education at East China Normal University and her experience as an art teacher.

With her partner Lewis, Lillian creates one-of-a-kind resin art pieces that bring joy and positivity to any room in your home. Lillian's work is not limited to resin art. She also shares her talents in watercolor painting and sketching. With several awards and accolades, Lillian's artworks will make a lasting impression. Add a piece of Lillian's art to your collection today and elevate the beauty of your home with her unique style and masterful technique.


--- Award of excellence in the poster design competition of Tasman.
--- Silver medal of college students in the “Shanghai ZhangJiang high-tech cup business plan competition”.

----Award of excellence in the Shanghai international science & art exhibition.

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