Have you seen Avatar The Last Airbender? Then you are going to love this. Inspired by the ocean and moon spirits, our genius artist has created this excellent resin artwork featuring Yin and Yang Koi Fish.

Undoubtedly this is the best version of Tui and La to date! Besides, if you look at the artwork as an admirer only, you will obviously like this. It can be the best table decor you have ever used in your house. This magnificent artwork will bring an artistic look to you but also a fresh vibe to bring out the most positive feelings of your partner.

The classic white fish and black koi pendant is hand-painted with utmost perseverance, presenting you one of its kind resin jewelry.


Resin artworks are durable, long-lasting, and resistant to external impact.  Each layer is carefully painted to conceive a sole piece of 3D resin art. While each layer dries, an artist waits for seven to eight hours before re-pouring and materializing a flawless resin artwork. Lillian Lee artist is known for her attractive goldfish 3D resin paintings, which you can explore at our Serene life Art website.

Yin Yang Fish Necklace | Avatar The Last Airbender Art

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