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Dark Ocean is a brilliant piece of ocean landscape in 3D resin painting. The black reflecting background of the circular wooden board is divided at the bottom by splashing ocean waves. The textures of the wave appear an uncanny resemblance to a leaf that is hitherto turned blue by the constellation of Orion, who is a robust and well build hunter.


Orion, in Greek mythology, is a powerful son of Poseidon.  Out of his whim, he decided to kill everyone on the earth. Upon hearing this silly decision of Orion, Goddess Gaia gets enraged and leaves a scorpion behind him. This teaches a lesson to Orion. Also, that is why Orion and Scorpion constellation are never seen together or never cross each other in the space. The terrific color scheme presents the essence of this myth, which carries several emotions of anger, and eventual agreement.


Delivering a similar experience that one feels during the night at ocean beach, this impeccable ocean artwork does the same and is worth each penny. Whether you pick one large piece of the same or club with others or similar kind, Lillian Lee will make sure you get the most prominent and exceptional ocean painting for your wall décor.

Framed Dark Ocean Wall Art Decor


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Sand & Resin& Wooden board.

【Size】: 10"x 10" inches / 12" x 12" inches.

【Special effect】: Noctilucence effect is optional. 

【Process】: 12 days.

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