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Umber Earth River Table, fused with epoxy resin and Jackfruit wood, delivers a customer with a deep satisfaction through the style and quality of this resin river table. Designed purposely to meet the standards of employment and tenacity, the glamour is added by the 3D resin painting techniques. The river table wood stands on a triangular arrangement via three metal rods, which are further fashioned by two separate base rods. The conical base to the three vertices provides smooth movement and stability.


The beautiful composition is enhanced by the transparency of the resin and in this case, dark greenish hue creates a mysterious character. Adding this furniture piece to your home will brighten your mood, no matter what!


Resin epoxy table tops are ushering an advancement in home-utility as opposed to the conventional material, which deteriorates by the wrath of time. Hence, choose from the variety of designs available at Serene Life Art studio. Well equipped with knowledge and experience, the artists are trained under Lillian Lee artist, who holds more than 13 years of experience in 3D resin paintings as well as assorted 3D resin jewelry and accessories.


The epoxy resin we use is no odor, non-toxic and non-hazardous.

It tested and certified by "GuangDong Inspection And Quarantine Technology Center- Toys and Juvenile Products Testing Lab (State Key Laboratory of Toy Testing ) as A grade.

The A grade resin is used to make toys for baby who is under 36 months old and these toys could be put into the mouth.


Umber Earth River Table | Epoxy Resin Table

$1,100.00 Regular Price
$890.00Sale Price

【Materials】: Resin & Jackfruit wood
【Diameter】: 60 CM / 24 inches.
【Depth】: 45 CM / 18 inches.
【Thickness of table】: 3 CM / 1.2 inches.
【Process】: 15-20 days.

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