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Mini Shrimp Multipurpose Accessory brings a variable and terrific junk to your jewelry box. Flaunt it as a pendant fastened to a necklace, enhance the decor of your bag or simply use it as a keychain, this 3D resin artwork is assuredly a lucky charm for you. Metaphorically, a shrimp is a reminder to loosen your nerves and let go off the mounting stress. Collecting this 3D resin painting will just do the same—pacify your body and relieve you from the daily bickering. Furthermore, the 3D resin art, being sturdy and maintenance-free, could bring limitless blithe to the face of your beloved friend or spouse.


With a marble-appearing rectangular base of white and grey, the shrimp is restfully composed in the center. The Mini Shrimp Multipurpose Accessory is carefully painted to develop a sheer skill of realism and accurate application of acrylic painting. The closer you look, the more you will be amazed to experience the finely rendered tails, tentacles, antennae, abdomen, legs, and eyes of the shrimp. While it takes seven to eight hours to dry for each layer, our artists at Serene Life Art studio have conceived it through their established perseverance and talent. Managed by Lillian Lee artist, Serene Life Art studio presents several other décor objects for your residential and commercial spaces.

Mini Shrimp Multipurpose Accessory | Epoxy Resin Art

SKU: 0012

【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin & Stones
【Length】: 5 CM / 2 inches.
【Width】: 3 CM / 1.2 inches.
【Height】: 0.5 CM / 0.2 inches.
【Layers of resin】: 4 layers.
【Process】: 5 days.

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