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Hand-painted Santa ornaments on the genuine Pacific Ocean oyster shells. These Santa faces are as unique as the shells themselves! The ornaments are approximately 4.3-5.1". They come adorned with a lovely free gift wrap.

I also offer personalization! At your request, I can paint the names and/or years of your choice on the inside of the shell. 


Each shell is carefully chosen, cleaned, and hard coated for a glossy finish. The beads are hand-painted and strung with jute for extra durability.

Every oyster shell is unique and its shape varies.

All of the shells used in my listings are authentic, cruelty-free, and are handpicked by me. I comb the beach every morning searching for flawless shells to bring to your home.

Santa Face Acrylic Painting Christmas Tree Ornament

$23.90 Regular Price
$21.50Sale Price

【Medium】:  Acrylic paints & Rope & Clay.
【Length】: 11 - 13CM / 4.3 - 5.1 inches.
【Width】: 6 -7 CM / 2.4 - 2.8 inches.
【Height】: 2-3 CM / 0.79 - 1.2  inches.

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