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Red Goldfish with Leaves comprises a beautiful goldfish painting at the center with a few leafy twigs. Additionally, there are a couple of pebbles painted in the left corner of the crate. The tail fin of the goldfish resembles wondrous frills of an elite dress, which covers half of the volume. Accompanied by fresh coniferous leaflets, goldfish painting has always been an apple in the eye of our customers.


This 3D painting in resin purposely draws our attention to the enormous goldfish, which symbolizes prosperity and destiny. Some of our range of 3D resin paintings are an aesthetic projection of goldfish swimming and moving on the base of bowls, cases, and other kinds. An amalgamation of styles and aesthetics, the artists at Serene Life Art aims at cultivating emotion of euphoria for customers.


Intensify your bedside table or transform the essence of your drawing room by investing in our range of resin art ideas. Not only we assure you of the quality but also redeem you from the worry of art décor of your homes and offices.

Red Goldfish with Leaves | Resin Art

SKU: 0003

【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Width】: 12.5 CM / 5 inches.

【Length】: 12.5 CM / 5 inches.

【Height】: 8.7 CM / 3.5 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 10  layers.

【Process】: 11 days.

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