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Slimy White Goldfish presents us with constant obscurity that prevails in everyone's lives. Despite a farrago of overthinking delusions clouds us from our ikigai (a Japanese term for "calling of each individual"), we eventually begin to develop a pair of eyes, which oversee through the gloom. In this 3D resin art, the night grows due to the textural quality of the wooden box. And, the white goldfish, which is said to have developed a pair of ears and eyes represents our intuitive abilities.


The white goldfish is diagonally aligned in the water-filled container, which appears chilled due to the cold weather of the region. The absolute grimace brought out by the black and white color scheme is mesmerizing to observe for long. Let this style of art décor be the next artistic signature of your residence. Moreover, you can gift this piece of resin art sale to your friends, colleagues, and family on all kinds of occasions.


Serene Life Art exhibits a variety of Koi fish painting and Goldfish resin art at their beautiful atelier. Each picture needs a couple of days and weeks to represent a spooky three-dimensional feature of resin artwork.

Slimy White Goldfish | 3D Acrylic Painting | 3D Resin Painting

SKU: 00010

【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Diameter】: 11 CM / 4.3 inches.

【Height】: 6 CM / 2.4 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 11  layers.

【Process】: 12 days.

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