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Orange-spotted Koi on Pebbles brings an exciting color palette to your drawing room, bedroom, and maybe kitchen. The idea to compose in any space suits this resin artwork for sale. The orange-spotted Koi’s fin asserts that the fish has just flipped in the pool of greenery and pebbles, which are assumingly his only friends in the peaceful waters. The white stones on the lowermost layer generate a gripping sense of depth. This fish painting has six layers and requires more than a week to achieve an extraordinary and spooky three-dimensional feature.


The neat grain network of the wooden bowl resembles tiny ripples of the water surface. These natural features of the material add a touch of realism while treading a path of romanticism. Look closely to amuse and startle yourself, staring at exceptional drawings of fins, scales, eyes, body, tail green leaves. Lillian Lee holds brilliant expertise in rendering objects with a stark similarity.


Furthermore, Serene Life Art makes sure that the characters are well placed in a surrounding that is conducive to their growth. In this process of building, Orange-spotted Koi on Pebbles also decks up the space, a grand aid towards exquisite home décor.

Orange Spotted Koi on Pebbles | Resin Art

$99.00 Regular Price
$89.00Sale Price

【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Diameter】: 11.5 CM / 4.5 inches.

【Height】: 6.8 CM / 2.7 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 6  layers.

【Process】: 7 days.

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