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Classic Black and Orange Fish Pendant is a unique example of mesmerizing 3D Resin Jewelry by Serene Life Art. Not only the clarity of 3D resin art appeals to everyone but the exceptional rendering of acrylic painting also catches the gaze of an onlooker. The pendant comes with a detachable thread for convenience in wearing. While you match the pendant with the diverse variety in your wardrobe, you will be surprised to see its compatibility with each outfit. Small-sized, rectangular-shaped, this creation of 3D resin artwork is tough, reliable, and resistant to the adverse factors. Moreover, customers have recommended our accessory-creations for daily usage, irrespective of weather, and seasons.


Gorgeous looking and detailed, this jewelry piece is composed of an orange fish with a black nape, swimming in a crystal-clear water, represented by the sparkling bubbles. A white three-petaled flower adds a tinge of vivacity to this piece, suggesting the biodiversity of aquatic life.


Produced by overlapping layers, each layer is meticulously painted to develop a breathtaking three-dimensional feature by Serene Life Art studio artists. Lillian Lee artist has been experimenting with numerous forms over many years of diligent practice, which has delivered fruits of success in the form of beautiful 3D resin paintings.

Classic Black and Orange Fish Pendant|3D Resin Jewelry

SKU: 009

【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin
【Length】: 5 CM / 2 inches.
【Width】: 2.5 CM / 1 inches.
【Height】: 5 MM / 0.2 inches.
【Layers of resin】: 4 layers.
【Process】: 5 days.

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