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Wealthy Vritra and his treasure depict the story of an Indian mythic dragon who lived within 99 fortresses loaded with endless wealth, during Vedic age. The 3D resin dragon artwork, notably different from the other forms of the dragon, is flanked by pearls, conches, coins in a beautiful gold cylindrical container. Aesthetically, the golden hue with off-white beads is creating a more profound and enigmatic impact in this 3D artwork with resin. The artist at Serene Life Art studio, within 30 days, has delicately painted these tiny fishes, dragons, and other elements in a realistic style.


According to Rigveda, one of the esteemed Indian mythology texts, Vritra was a mighty dragon who won the property of Indra, the God of angels, over a petty fight. Indra is a venerated king who was said to possess divine powers over the five elements of earth and celestial realms. Due to his pride, he was not careful of the follies, and thus this led to a battle between Indra and Vritra. The mythical creature being mighty and formidable defeated Indra.


Lillian Lee, the proprietor of Serene Life Art, has experimented in a range of materials, visual forms, and techniques to develop a plethora of 3D resin paintings, 3D resin jewelry, dragon art, and customized accessories. A perfect solution for gifting your kith and kin, the resin artwork is resistant to sudden pressure and is capable of withstanding the wrath of time.

Wealthy Vritra and his Treasure | Acrylic Dragon Painting Resin Art


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Diameter】: 20 CM / 7.9 inches.

【Height】: 5 CM / 2 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 22  layers.

【Process】: 30 days.

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