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Golden Scandinavian Fafnir is a 3D resin painting with a beautiful representation of glamour, talent, and elite art. The omnipotent dragon is placed in a unique bowl with the convoluted circumference. This dragon drawing, rendered in a variety of yellow and golden shades, shines with a limitless radiance. The ancient coins below the dragon epitomize luxury, affluence, and accomplishment. The intense depth by brown assists in delivering the precision to this 3D artwork with resin; Lillian Lee artist accurately represents the details of living and synthetic forms.


According to Norse mythology, Fafnir is a mighty dragon who, because of his noble duties, had to kill his father. Fafnir’s contemptuous father had stolen the treasure from Aesir gods. Besides, the scales of the dragon’s body are so thick that it cannot penetrate the sharpest of the weapons. To substantiate the power of this mythical creature, the artists of Serene Life Art chose the golden shade, which is a statement of immense abundance.


Golden Scandinavian Fafnir is made layer by layer for 40 days, with acrylic painting and planting significant objects to convey the concept meaningfully. Each brushstroke brings an unexceptional three-dimensional feature to this 3D dragon artwork.

Golden Scandinavian Fafnir | Dragon King


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Diameter】: 22 CM / 8.7 inches.

【Height】: 8 CM / 3.2 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 25  layers.

【Process】: 40 days.

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