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Red Goldfish, Tortoise with Oil Diffuser is a merger of symbolism and aesthetics from the workshop of Serene Life Art. Enabling a sense of deep respect for nature and also yearning for eternal beauty, this 3D resin painting is an exceptional piece for home décor. Goldfish, tiny fishes, a tortoise, flower, and pebble are a tokenistic feature of biodiversity. The gestures of symbolism are neatly ideated with tortoise depicting longevity, white flower for unmeasured contentment, and goldfish for warmth.


Furthermore, the meaningful essence doubles up by infusing oil diffuser in this epoxy resin painting. Add your favorite oil and magnify the blithe in your room, smelling the aromatic ether. The red goldfish is a beauty to watch for hours while the tortoise wriggles the tiny legs. The magical composition through these topographical elements is all set to bedazzle your eyes.


Nature indeed is endowed with surprising elements. And, what is better than investing in these icons of happiness and harmony! Serene Life Art, with great pleasure, can modify a few features for your perfect home décor.

Red Goldfish, Tortoise with Essential Oil Diffuser


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Diameter】: 15 CM / 6 inches.

【Height】: 6 CM / 2.4 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 8  layers.

【Process】: 10 days.

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