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Crystalloid Raw Sienna River Table has a transparent resin epoxy table top with a flow of two orangish-red streams. Constructed using Jackfruit wood, the circular tabletop appears like an exemplary piece of 3D resin painting. The three metal rods further support the circular slab of resin to manufacture one of the best resin tables in the studio of Serene Life Art. Inspired by the epoxy resin art of Ruisoke Fukiharo, Lillian Lee artist has experimented in the wide range of 3D resin accessories and acrylic paintings.


Impersonating water on the earthly surface, the two streams represent the humane life, which is indebted to divinity and natural blessings. Bring home this 3D resin table to enrich your space with the endless positivity, liveliness, and enthusiasm. Exhibiting magnificence and one of the greatest table decoration ideas, Crystalloid Raw Sienna River Table also has a shelf below the top to place books, newspapers, and other notable daily wares. 3D Resin products are resistant, non-toxic and suitable for placing eatables. Scroll through our designs to learn about this prolific form of resin table art and order the best of our products for your beloved ones.


The epoxy resin we use is no odor, non-toxic and non-hazardous.

It tested and certified by "GuangDong Inspection And Quarantine Technology Center- Toys and Juvenile Products Testing Lab (State Key Laboratory of Toy Testing ) as A grade.

The A grade resin is used to make toys for baby who is under 36 months old and these toys could be put into the mouth.

Crystalloid Raw Sienna River Table | Epoxy Resin Table

$1,200.00 Regular Price
$890.00Sale Price

【Materials】: Resin & Jackfruit wood
【Diameter】: 80 CM / 31.5 inches.
【Depth】: 45 CM / 18 inches.
【Thickness of table】: 3 CM / 1.2 inches.
【Process】: 15-20 days.

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