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Dual Horizons River Coffee Table is an amalgamation of natural and synthetic elements as a testimonial to the phrase of 'unity in diversity'. The mustard-hued veneers of Jackfruit wood protect a stream of pitch-dark black epoxy resin. The contradictory essence of both the material creates a chilling portrayal of the resin table. Resin tables for sale at Serene Life Art are infused with divine energy and extraordinary elegance. Therefore, these revolutionary and innovative ideas embedded with unflinching simplicity are pieces you should assuredly invest in.


Jackfruit wood provides the essential tensile strength, resistant to termite and weight-bearing features. Bring home Dual Horizon River Coffee table to spend your dawn and dusk with your loved ones. Easy to clean and maintain, you can place any eatables and material over the surface of the tabletop. Moreover, the resin tabletop is supported by metal rods adding vigorous robustness to this piece of furniture. Lillian Lee artist manages Serene Life Art with unbeatable patience and perseverance to build a studio of modern and cultural artifacts and 3D resin accessories.

Dual Horizons River Coffee Table | Jackfruit Wood | Resin River Table


【Materials】: Resin & Jackfruit wood
【Length】: 140 CM / 55 inches.
【Width】: 60 CM / 24 inches.
【Thickness of table】: 3 CM / 1.2 inches.
【Process】: 20 days.

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