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Black Moor Goldfish is a prominent 3D resin artwork, which carries a similar visual like that of Red Moor Goldfish. Combine the two decorative pieces to produce a unique idea of a gift to a married couple or newly bonded duo. The base of the bowl shows an acrylic painting of black Moor fishes lying on a bed of white pebbles. The attractive texture of the urn adds to the exuberant beauty of the 3D resin painting.


Resin art is extraordinarily transparent and immediately displays the talent of resin artists. And, Lillian Lee has honed these skills of finesse in rendering acrylic painting. Not only she has expertise in resin art, but also the collective artists at Serene Life Art are well known for articulating top of the world resin art. Moreover, customization is our subsequent key to success. So, pop in your creativity and traverse this stunning world of resin art for sale.


Bring home the sparkling and shimmering abstract painting in resin or 3D resin accessories from the collection. Let blandness of your wall be an old story while you add the exquisiteness of resin art ideas. The Black Moor Goldfish, matching with other range of Koi fish painting, could recreate a natural aura in your dwelling.

Black Moor Goldfish | Resin Art | Comes with Gift Box


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Diameter】: 9.5 CM / 3.7 inches.

【Height】: 6 CM / 2.4 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 9  layers.

【Process】: 10 days.

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