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An artifact that is bound to steal your hearts is the Earthly Red Python. With an intensity that shimmers through this artistic rendering of 3D resin artwork, bring home an earthly emotion and motherly affection. Python, according to Greek mythology, was a dragon daughter of Gaia, the Earth Goddess, and wife of Zeus.


The python is peacefully aligned in a burnt umber bowl. The red shade of the dragon represents the planet Earth. The dragon, despite having unlimited riches, shown by Chinese coins, beams with an established demeanor. Dragons, in a way, are a representation of the human mind, which, if tamed, can be a great slave and, if it goes wild, could ruin the world. Python was so big that it stretched around the entire greek celestial areas around his mother to protect her. This mythical creature was free from being sinned, and thus he could destroy the lands and regions at the will.


Earthly Red Python could be customized according to the ideas of customers. We at Serene Life Art, under the guidance of Lillian Lee artist, give a special significance to each featuring elements of the form to derive perfect three-dimensional objects. Our series of dragon paintings for sale will deliver a variety of ideas to décor your house.

Earthly Red Dragon | Chinese Dragon Painting | 3D Resin Painting


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Diameter】: 20 CM / 7.9 inches.

【Height】: 7 CM / 2.8 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 20  layers.

【Process】: 40 days.

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