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Red Head Koi is an unconventional composition in the series of shells by Serene Art Life studio. Combining several fishes in one bowl of the shell, this 3D resin painting is a testimonial to the characteristics of boldness, brevity, and power statement. While artists desire to limit their sense of aesthetics to the pre-ordained rules, the Red Head Koi startles everyone by the forms composed in an outward direction. Handmade 3D resin artwork for sale is an excellent choice for a gift on all kinds of occasions, especially birthdays and anniversaries.


The shell has vivid grooves, which appear like warm and beaming sun rays. These rays are ready to shimmer every object in its way. Lillian Lee artist has conceptualized this resin artwork to beam a ray of hope in everyone’s lives. Make sure you check out the tiny fins, scales, eyes, and green leaves amongst the bubbles in the water. These elements are meticulously rendered to develop a magnificent three-dimensional feature in this 3D painting with resin.


At Serene Art Life workshop, artists particularly produce resin jewelry, 3D resin art, stylish resin accessories and a variety of customized junk. Each resin artwork, consuming a few days, results in a tremendous work of art, ready to exhilarate anyone.

Red Head Koi | 3D Resin Painting

SKU: 001

【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Width】:10-11 CM / 4.1 inches.

【Length】:10-12 CM / 4.3 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 6 layers.

【Process】: 7 days.

Each shell is natural and a little bit different in size.

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