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Transform your space with our beautiful polar lights and starry night landscape painting on a BIG oyster shell, measuring 4.3-5.1 inches. Each oyster shell is handpicked, carefully cleaned, and uniquely shaped, ensuring that no two shells are alike. If you have custom painting ideas, we'd be happy to bring them to life on either the shell or canvas.


To ensure maximum durability, we hand-paint each oyster shell and string them with jute. Additionally, we coat every shell with a hard glossy finish to preserve its natural beauty.


At our shop, we only use authentic, cruelty-free shells that have been ethically sourced. Every morning, we comb the beach searching for flawless shells to incorporate into our creations.

If you can't find what you're looking for, we welcome custom orders. Simply reach out to us with your ideas, and we'll make it happen.


Please note that all of our shells are collected from the coast, and we never use live animals. We only use shells that have washed up or have been discarded from oyster roasts. Order now and add a touch of seaside beauty to your home decor!

Polar Lights and Starry Night Acrylic Painting

$25.90 Regular Price
$23.50Sale Price

【Medium】:  Golden paints & Wooden beads.
【Length】: 11 - 13CM / 4.3 - 5.1 inches.
【Width】: 6 -7 CM / 2.4 - 2.8 inches.
【Height】: 2-3 CM / 0.79 - 1.2  inches.

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