Trotting Tides poses vertically to form a part of your bedrooms, alleys, and kitchens, the areas which reclaim energy to our entire apartment.  Presented with utmost technical expertise, this ocean pour painting depicts the bird view of the ocean shore. The freshness of vast oceans and the lather of the waves refreshes our consciousness from the deep gorges. The dirt of the coasts is carried by the trotting and rolling rides that arrive with a formidable force. Similarly, the ocean view painting takes care of the lividity, serenity, and ethereal rejuvenation of our space.


Pouring art is one of the most trending techniques that has recently taken over the art market. Serene Life Art artists are well versed in handling the wooden board without inviting untimely follies. With an immense interest in natural elements, ocean resin painting has been one of their expertly done meditative practices by us. Lillian Lee continues to experiments with various range of resin paintings and accessories.


Preserve the spot to embellish it with Trotting Tides and experience the mesmerizing unfolding of drams in your room. Hang it on your wall or plan a montage with a myriad of artworks in our shop. Being open to customization, you can also inform us if you need that shimmering noctilucence effect.

Trotting Tides | Ocean Wall Decor | Resin Art


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Sand & Shells & Resin & Wooden board.

【Size】: 8"x 12" inches / 12" x 18" inches / 12"x 24" inches 

【Special effect】: Noctilucence effect is optional. 

【Process】: 12 days.