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White Ripples is one of the most elegant pieces of ocean painting in resin art. This ocean beach painting is an epitome of natural beauty that earth exhibits. More than the glamourous beauty of ocean waves and ripples that come upon shore only to lose themselves, the magnetic rendering of ocean's expanse is eye-catching. What you see is something that cannot be imagined when the artist is at the disposal of accidental textural effects.


The process of ocean painting takes an exciting road of pouring art, which then bumps into the hands of the artists to deliver a series that are breathtaking visuals. In this process, the artist meticulously flows different layers of viscous solutions of colored resin on a wooden board after having appropriately judged the effect. Rightly rotating the board, the ocean painting gradually manifests with terrific realistic features.


In White Ripples, the ocean consumes nearly entire expanse, leaving a streak of pebbles, ocean shell, and fine texture of sand. Palpable contrary aspects of smooth waters and raw land brings to the face one of the eternal realities of the universe. Serene Life Art houses many such concepts and undergoes many trials to develop meaningful ideas. Your wall décor is our responsibility, and we will present you with the most brilliant ocean artwork.

White Ripples | Ocean Island Wall Decor | Resin Art


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Sand & Shells & Resin & Wooden board.

【Size】: 8"x 12" inches.

【Process】: 17 days.

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