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Diptych Bliss, as the name suggests, is a twosome set of ocean pour paintings. The two shores are like couples who yearn for their affectionate union and are set apart by the tsunamic ocean waves. In the beginning, there was nothing other than ever-pervading void. As Gaia arises from the etheric matters, she yearns for her soulmate, which she with her penances creates her partners.


The creation myths narrate accounts with the most unusual circumstances and situations. Despite the same, there arises a set of ocean waves, flourishing life with a promise of eternal sustainability. While thinking about the concepts that surface over the movements, Lillian Lee does not lose a chance to depict the same in her ocean view painting. This is because the ocean carries a repertory of unexplored meanings of existence.


While we unravel varying creation myths through the series of ocean resin paintings, allow us to dive deeper into your thoughts to understand your ideas of creations. Serene Life Art is open to customization for adding and subtracting the most compelling elements, according to your sense of home décor, you want.

Diptych Bliss | Ocean Island Resin Art | Wall Decor


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Sand & Shells & Resin & Wooden board.

【Size】: 5.8"x 20" inches.

【Process】: 17 days.

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