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Lillian Lee artist presents Mustard River Table in one of the designers most favorite shades for interior décor. The circular river table of Jackfruit wood, infused with transparent epoxy resin, is supported by two metal rings and three bars. According to the suggestions by the customers, we are always happy to add a floor for storing books, papers, accessories, and coasters. Forming a cylindrical structure, the Mustard River Table is a durable piece of movables to sustain weight and pressure. Stemming from the functional resin table top ideas and aesthetics, the combination of mustard and saffron abstract forms provides an ethnic characteristic to this 3D resin artwork for sale.


Mustard River Table is best suited for a royal, contemporary, and traditional interior decors. Let the first beam of rays irradiate the luminosity of this resin table for sale. Convey your art ideas to us at an appropriate time because 3D resin tables need 15 to 20 days for precise execution and commendable work by our Serene Life Art artists. Labored by hands, Mustard River Table brings endless positivity and happiness to your house or office.


The epoxy resin we use is no odor, non-toxic and non-hazardous.

It tested and certified by "GuangDong Inspection And Quarantine Technology Center- Toys and Juvenile Products Testing Lab (State Key Laboratory of Toy Testing ) as A grade.

The A grade resin is used to make toys for baby who is under 36 months old and these toys could be put into the mouth.


Mustard River Table | Epoxy Resin Table


【Materials】: Resin & Jackfruit wood
【Diameter】: 80 CM / 31.5 inches.
【Depth】: 45 CM / 18 inches.
【Thickness of table】: 3 CM / 1.2 inches.
【Process】: 15-20 days.

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