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Ranchu Goldfish Couple is an extraordinarily beautiful 3D resin painting, which requires approximately three weeks for its completion. The framed 3D resin artwork comprises a brown box frame with a circular internal cavity, enclosing two amazing Ranchu goldfishes and a tiny branch with green leaves. The composition of the complementary scheme with silverfish white bodies at the center of the whole 3D painting with resin delivers a touch of impeccable brilliance. Furthermore, the beige frame lends a divine connection with the variety of colored-walls. Hang it alone and purchase a set of goldfish swimming, this will sparkle your interior décor.


The broad back, fins, tails, scales, and eyes of Ranchu goldfish are carefully rendered to maintain the realistic factor of the 3D resin art for sale. These species are found in a variety of colors in nature. The wriggly bodies, treading through the waters and bubbles with other herbage is a sight to watch for endless hours.


Ranchu Goldfish Couple poses as an excellent gift for your spouse, representing two individuals in love for years. The 3D resin art requires seven to eight hours of drying before beginning the wok of acrylic painting. Artists, before re-pouring, accurately render the forms and pour another layer of the resin mixture. Serene Life Art is home to numerous 3D resin art designs and paintings to check out.

Framed Ranchu Goldfish | Resin Painting | Wall Art Decor


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Outside Frame】: 31 CM / 12.2 inches.

【Inside container】: 20 CM / 7.9 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 18 layers.

【Process】: 20 days.

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