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A family at home or workplace remains united when nurtured with selfless care, affection, and attention. The large dining table is manufactured with this reason to develop a sense of togetherness amongst familial members and colleagues. The Blue Unity River Dining Table, adding a tinge of warmth and a fund of vivacity, will gratify us to see the glowing faces of young trotters and boomers on a dining table, munching and sipping.


Blue Unity River Dining Table, rectangular-shaped, measures 110 x 40 inches, enough to accommodate more than a dozen members around the perimeter. Surround the resin table with plain toned ethnic or contemporary chairs to give a unique concept to your interior. Besides, the blue transparent epoxy resin surface is electrifying like a lightning bolt. The texture of American Fir burl conjoined with shiny blue resin develops a dramatic essence in this river tabletop. Make sure you lend a spacious surrounding to maintain the minimal aesthetics.


Serene Life Art holds expertise in customizing the ideas to suit the customers' requirements. The river tables need more than three weeks of the period to design, execute, and manufacture a wholesome and brilliant product.

Blue Unity River Dining Table | American Fir Burl | Epoxy Resin Table


【Materials】: Resin & Jackfruit wood
【Length】: 280 CM / 110 inches.
【Width】: 100 CM / 40 inches.
【Thickness of table】: 5 CM / 2 inches.
【Process】: 20 days.

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