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Dusky River Coffee Table, just like its name, absolutely serves a solid resin table for evening soirees with your friends while you sip tea and munch cookies. The river table, compatible with all kinds of material and substances, is composed of two uneven-edged veneers of American Fir Burl transfixed with black-hued epoxy resin. While you scratch your head concerning innovative furniture, scroll through the Serene Life Art website to find some of the exquisite designs of the river table in different measurements.


The design of this resin table comprises two logs at the edge with a flow of resin, diagonally cutting through the tabletop. With resin table tops, Lillian Lee artist has experimented in abstract painting to bring about a revolution in interior furnishing objects. Equipped with an essential feature of longevity, sturdiness, weight-bearing capacity, and impeccable elegance, the range of river tabletops is an appropriate resolution for your homes and offices.


We are open to customization, and you can let us know your ideas and sizes to suit your dwellings. Resin art has driven the world by techniques of pouring art, and these river tables are an epitome of the same context. Also, the manufacture of the tables requires nearly three weeks by artists at Serene Life Art studio.

Dusky River Coffee Table | American Fir Burl | Resin Table


【Materials】: Resin & American fir burl
【Length】: 140 CM / 55 inches.
【Width】: 60 CM / 24 inches.
【Thickness of table】: 3 CM / 1.2 inches.
【Process】: 20 days.

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