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Golden Hydra comprises an embellished burnt umber bowl, golden dragon drawing, a few twigs as well as Koi fishes, and Chinese coins at the base. These elements instill a notion about the gigantic mythical creatures called the dragon, which symbolize strength, wealth, and abundant power. The 3D painting with acrylic, presenting a compelling aesthetics, depicts a sense of spooky rhythm because of low and high key tones. The three-dimensional feature of Golden Hydra is described by placing the bright and shining dragon on the dark brown ground, which overall assists in attributing a wholesome product.


Hydra, according to Greek mythology, was said to possess hundreds of heads. In this myth of power and magical aspect, Hydra would beget more heads whenever some entity would try to behead him. The wounds were the reason for so many heads of Hydra, the Dragon. He was also one of the twelve laborers of Heracles. To solve this matter, Heracles helped to cauterize the wounds, which will not lead to the creation of new heads.


Finely rendered limbs, flowers, and fishes are testimony to the fantastic talent of Serene Life Art studio dragon artists. Moreover, these 3D resin dragon paintings are a perfect choice to showcase them in your houses or gift it to your friends and family. The material of resin is resistant to several external harmful factors, which provides longevity to the resin art for sale.

Golden Hydra | Dragon Art


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Diameter】: 19 CM / 7.5 inches.

【Height】: 4 CM / 1.6 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 18  layers.

【Process】: 40 days.

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