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Charaxes Butterfly is a 3.5 x 5 x 5 inches sized 3D resin painting, comprising a Charaxes in the center. This large-winged butterfly is placed on a sensitive branch with a leaf shooting at the end. The Charaxes’s wings are meticulously rendered in orange, white, and black on different layers to develop an exquisite piece of 3D resin art. This technique needs a couple of days to months to manifest one single piece of 3D resin artwork.


The resin artwork needs unique atmosphere and suitable environs to achieve the level of perfection. And, Charaxes Butterfly, carrying utter simplicity and brilliance, is patiently executed by Serene Life Art artists, under the guidance of Lillian Lee, who excels in this magnificent 3D acrylic painting.


The Charaxes genus of the butterfly is categorized in the group of 'collectors'. They collect nectars, joyfully hopping on the trees and plants. Similarly, let the Charaxes Butterfly become a part of your tribe and lend you immeasurable joys and bliss. Place it on your bedside table or coffee table, be assured that it will brighten the aura of your dwelling.

Charaxes Butterfly | 3D Resin Painting


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Width】: 12.5 CM / 5 inches.

【Length】: 12.5 CM / 5 inches.

【Height】: 8.7 CM / 3.5 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 4 layers.

【Process】: 4 days.

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