3D Fish Layered Resin Painting Process by Acrylic Paint and Resin: A fallen leaf with a delicate goldfish

January 25, 2017



This is the new design of three-dimensional koi painting on layer resin artwork. Artist Lewis spent 17 days on painting and the artwork about 16 layers. Here is the guide and process to share with who are interested in resin painting.



Firstly, let us see what do we need. Here are some necessary materials before painting.

1.   Acrylic paint

2.   Palette

3.   Scriptliners #0 #00 #4 #5 ( it depends on personal painting habit )

4.   Tissue

5.   Sharp bamboo bar   ( to smooth detail, such as fish tail )

6.   Liquid helps to mix acrylic paint

7.   Brushes washing container

8.   Container

9.   Resin

10. Measuring cup

11. Respirator   ( to protect when mixing resin )



Step 1


To draw a koi fish layout draft on paper.  Choice a proper and nice container, to pour the first layer of resin about 0.5 cm then wait it to dry.

Start from paint fish mouth to whole fish body lightly. Be careful about the size, shape of fish compared with container. 








































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