Red Mini Koi Fish in Sea Shell is an exemplary 3D resin artwork, with aesthetically and well-balanced composition. Employing a sea shell as a base, the conceived depth brings a variety of meanings to this elegant 3D resin art. The fluidity in the movements of red Koi fish evolves into a mythic narrative of creation—life appears in a small conch, which is a representation of mighty oceans and water. Furthermore, the merger of white and vermillion hues is seducing yet soothing to the eyes. 


The lovely composition does not allow the audience to waver their gaze. Adorning commercial and residential interiors, you can hang them on doors, walls, or furniture units. Make sure you present a validating drapery to this unique 3D resin artwork for sale.


Rendered by acrylic painting, 3D resin paintings are made by pouring each layer of epoxy resin, drying, and touching up the sketch, and again re-pouring the resin. With each layer acting as a mode of achieving a three-dimensional feature, the time-driven process eventually develops into a life-like 3D resin artwork. Lillian Lee artist has been experimenting with plentiful forms and bases at her Serene Life Art studio to bring qualitative, embellishing, and exquisite paintings and accessories.

Red Mini Koi Fish | 3D Resin Painting

$45.00 Regular Price
$38.00Sale Price

【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Width】:10-11 CM / 4.1 inches.

【Length】:10-12 CM / 4.3 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 4 layers.

【Process】: 5 days.

Each shell is natural and a little bit different in size.