Emotive Xin is a representation of refined craftsmanship in the gift shop of Serene Life Art. Xin is a Chinese word for love, and what better depicts attention and care other than a heart shape. Intending to suit the global sense, we have made this epoxy resin heart as an exclusive gift idea for everyone, irrespective of region.  Make it personal by adding some greeting or name or an imaginative text; as a message for your beloved. We can customize textual elements according to your wish, and for your information, it can be rendered only in BLUE or GOLDEN color. With the aim of clear visibility, blue is the only suitable color with an appropriate wavelength for texts.


Resisting or delaying the expression of love could not be beneficial. Relax your nerves, give it a thought and make a move through one of these subtle gift ideas for girlfriend. Besides, it is also a brilliant 15 year anniversary gift idea. Relive those college years love by Emotive Xin, which marks as a remembrance of affectionate and teenage love.


Serene Life Art brings to your plate a plethora of resin art ideas to meet your home décor, handmade gift ideas, river table, and 3D resin painting. Make for the best place to live and fill it with a gesture of compassion, harmony, and reverberating energy. Emotive Xin comes with a beautiful rose color gift box!


*Each piece is 100% hand made.
*No piece is exactly the same, and no piece is 100% perfect.
*Personalize resin heart cannot be cancelled and returned after ordered.
If there are any other questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Emotive Xin | White Resin Heart

$39.00 Regular Price
$23.00Sale Price

【Medium】: White Alcohol Ink & Resin
【Length】: 6 CM / 2.4 inches.
【Width】: 5 CM / 2 inches.
【Depth】: 3.5 CM / 1.4 inches.
【Process】: 3 days.