Brush and Pen Holder serves a functional virtue for the artists, workers, technicians, and imaginative professionals. There is a likelihood of clutter, after having finished scribbling on your artist's pad. Why not bring home this Brush and Pen Holder artifact to ensure everlasting orderliness and organized table! Furthermore, once you invest in this piece, you will be stress-free forever. Resin art is known for its strength, resistance, and a glistening surface.


Brush and Pen Holder is designed to keep the concept of nature in Serene Life Art products constant. The fold mountains, in their nascent stages, overlook the river, formed from their streams. The white base and dark grey terrain pattern grip us when we see the life chirping through the movements of fishes in the water.


A utility artifact will draw the attention of kids as well adults; make sure you present it to an art lover to observe the gleaming joy on his/her face. Lillian Lee came up with this idea owing to the difficulty an artist faces in assembling paintbrushes without hurting them. Well, the excellent result is out to entice all creative individuals!

Brush and Pen Holder Display | Oriental Art | 3D Resin Art


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Width】: 15 CM / 5.9 inches.

【Length】: 21 CM / 8.3 inches.

【Height】: 4.5 CM / 1.8 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 12  layers.

【Process】: 14 days.