Intense Energy is an abstract painting, representing the colossal whirlpools of deep oceans and sea. The blue flowing-liquid paints on the canvas are evident, presenting an ongoing movie of thrill and audacity. The artwork, styled by the technique of pouring art, comprises three shades of Blue: Prussian, Poster, and Sky along with emerging and fusing white streams. It is stretched on canvas and measures 8 x 8 inches, tickling your mind to order one.


In acrylic pour painting, an artist properly stretches a canvas on the frame and arranges it horizontally on a table or stand.  The acrylic paintings are prepped with the right degree of viscosity and poured over the canvas to naturally accommodate their path. An artist selects more than one color to spontaneously develop aesthetic pouring painting cells, which perform like beautiful textures. The natural rhythmic flow of bright hues, impromptu confluence, and fusion to produce new shades are the features of divine drama by pouring art.

Serene Life Art excels with the material and techniques of pouring painting ideas, which are seen on our website. You can hang them in all kinds of space to intensify the ethereal quality.


Each painting is make-to-order. The pattern will be different from the photos of original paintings.


Painting will be delivered with stretched canvas ( with a wooden frame inside). We are using EMS Air with reliable parcel tracking information, usually it takes 8-15 business days to arrive. All paintings will be shipped with secure packaging to ensure safe delivery. When unpacking your painting, BE CAREFUL while using sharp objects to avoid scratching.

Intense Energy | Acrylic Pouring Painting

SKU: gk1dcg20

【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Stretched canvas.

【Size】: 8" x 8" inches.

【Height】: 1.8 CM / 0.7 inches.

【Process】: 2 days.