Orange Octopus in the Box represents an indolent octopus in the free-standing softwood box. The octopus is beset by two massive flat stones and a couple-dozens of white pebbles. At the same time, one flat stone is of dark grey shade while the other is rendered in burnt sienna. The tentacles of the octopus are depicting infinite semi-circular scales, which are coiled at the end, attributing a decorative element to the 3D resin artwork.


Place the Orange Octopus in the Box at any spot of your alley, furniture unit, desk, bedside, table, or on a coffee table. This piece of 3D resin painting is one of the fantastic elements for your home décor. With an excellent sheen like that of deep waters, the octopus projects the light of hope and affectionate living. Neglecting the realistic shades of his aquatic creature, Lillian Lee artist has made a special effort to add a range of hues to convey the symbolizing context.


Serene Life Art brings paraphernalia of décor objects and 3D resin accessories to your plate. The procedures of 3D resin art are time-consuming and need a bounty of perseverance. An artist starts with pouring the correct mixture resin in the base, which requires seven to eight hours of drying. A resin artist then paints a meaningful picture before re-pouring to create a stunning piece of a 3D painting.

Orange Octopus | Resin Art


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Width】: 13 CM / 5.1 inches.

【Length】: 13 CM / 5.1 inches.

【Height】: 7 CM / 2.8 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 9  layers.

【Process】: 11 days.