Mermaid Notebook is one of the innovative products by Serene Life Art. The notebook is A5 sized and possesses 45 pages for scribbling your ponderings. The stylized rectangular journal has covers made in resin art. Resin provides a hard case to the book, which attributes a portable feature for carrying it on your travel trip. Besides, because of its robust quality and resistance to external harm, the notebook is well preserved and sustains for many years, protecting the papers.


The two mermaid fishtails are composed at the bottom of the top cover, while three tiny fishes follow each other at the center in a linear fashion. The entire composition is glittering and shimmering with the shining powder, small crystals, stones, and sand.  The gradation of blue and effervescent quality of the epoxy resin surface delivers a touch of brilliance to this handmade gift.


Also, the average size of the book fits in your sling or tote bags. A great company to the laptop, you can quickly jot down essential minutes of the meeting in this diary. The book can be customized according to the idea of forms and figurines you want us to paint. Also, we cater to different kinds of binding styles for your special notebook. Moreover, this can be a gift for dad, where he can doodle, write, or scribble.


*Each piece is 100% hand made.
*No piece is exactly the same, and no piece is 100% perfect.
If there are any other questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Mermaid Notebook | A5 Resin Notebook

$39.00 Regular Price
$19.00Sale Price

【Medium】: Epoxy resin, shinning powder, blue, white, yellow, brown and red paints, A5 notebook pages, real sand, small crystal stones
【Length】: 21 CM / 8.3 inches.
【Width】: 14.8 CM / 5.8 inches.
【Number of Pages】: 45.
【Process】: 3 days.