Since ancient times, humankind has desired to live in utopia. Eventually, he has strived restlessly to achieve the realms of peace and harmony. The partial phases of failure and success have exhausted the energy. Despite the same, humans do not stop trying. This bounty of energy is represented in the Golden Sea. The analysis of personal realizations has brought innovative ideas to the mind of Lillian Lee artist.


In this pouring painting, the abstraction discloses gradually when the dark blue is poured on the canvas from top to bottom. The expanse spreads on the surface and waits for the partner-colors, ocher yellow, and gold. From the other edge, the artist pours shimmering golden hue, with high expectations, to develop innumerable cells, throbbing with vibrant life. The gold droplet on the blue results into a network of globules, ushering an enigmatic quality to the painting. The mythical realm has begun releasing tons of energy while the fusion and fission of the extent take place.


Bringing home some of the exuberant products not only decks up the home décor but also instills a sense of establishment amongst relations. Choose from the exclusive range of abstract painting and pouring art pieces as a handmade gift for your family and friends.

Golden Sea | Fluid Painting


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Diameter】: 30 CM / 12 inches.

【Height】: 2 CM / 0.8 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 0.2  inch.

【Process】: 4 days.