Gecko on the Trunk amuses us with a sheer realistic rendering of the stem or a branch of the tree and a glittering gecko. The acrylic painting possesses an antique-styled frame, whose measure is nearly equivalent to the size of the artwork. With a royal frame, the painting is an elite element for traditional home décor. However, with a modern concept, this 3D resin artwork is a perfect selection in the list of contemporary interior design. The gecko is centrally composed, circularly flanked by poster red. The interplay of red and brown creates a melodramatic characteristic and also depicts the liveliness.


Gecko symbolizes rebirth and circling of life-generations. The wriggly reptile, which is otherwise feared upon, lends energy to the souls. The presence of gecko in the house is deemed as a good omen. Lillian Lee artist, serving a valuable purpose, has intended to integrate the resources and bring for the customers a solid piece of 3D artwork with resin.


Resin artworks have higher potentialities over conventional mediums in the art market. There are many resin art ideas that have been explored by the Serene Life Art studio artists. They hold commendable expertise in handling resin material, making preliminary sketches, and precise rendering.

Gecko on the Trunk | Resin Painting | Wall Art


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin & Tree bark

【Outside frame】: 23 CM / 9 inches.

【Inside container】: 13 CM / 5.1 inches.

【Width of frame】: 4.5 CM /  1.8 inches.

【Depth of frame】: 3.5 CM / 1.4  inches.

【Layers of resin】: 10 layers.

【Process】: 15 days.

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