Golden Globe is painting with acrylic that shares a spooky resemblance to our globe, planet earth. The term Pangea is denoted to the merged seven continental plates, surviving millions of years ago. When life was at a nascent stage, there existed only five elements of life. These elements are earth, fire sky, water, and ether. Just when life was about to take birth in the sea, the waters were still, and the air was warm. One cell undergoes fission to give birth to the second cell, and the repetitive activity gradually gave life to sea creatures.


Similarly, in this pouring painting, after the first layer of dark blue is poured while the gradation was enhanced by lighter hues and little green. With a central composition in mind of the artists of Serene Life Art, the yellows prominently made its significance felt. The fluidity of the color initiates an involuntary percolation. As the color seeps into each other, the lightening forms catch hold of our breath because they are electric and stupefying.


Golden Globe responsibly brings your home the qualities of wisdom and knowledge like that of mother earth. This painting with acrylic paints comes, including virtues like compassion, motherly affection, and nurturing. Not only will it décor the house, but it also lets you revel in the beautify of the exemplary abstract painting.

Golden Globe | Abstract Fluid Resin Painting


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Diameter】: 33 CM / 13 inches.

【Height】: 2.5 CM / 1 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 2  layers.

【Process】: 3 days.