An incredible merger of the exotic bowl, two orange koi fishes, and an exotic butterfly, Butterfly on the Flower with koi, is a contemporary piece of resin painting. If you are thinking of decorating your house in a fashionable style, but you do not want to get into something traditional kind, then this is something you give your thoughts. However, keep in mind the necessary element to maintain the color scheme of the space you choose to embellish.


The yellow, orange and a black-winged butterfly is fearlessly seated on the branch with twigs and leaves. The koi fishes are moving closer to them, representing a friendly chat during the dusk. Moreover, the exceptional variegated texture of the bowl flips the whole landscape of the scene. The container is the indelible reason of contemporaneity and cradle of nature where all creatures sustain their life span happily.


An ode to the biodiversity of this terrific life-bearing planet of earth, Serene Life Art is loved for natural elements; it depicts the diverse 3D resin art. Let the 3D painting artist Lillian Lee bring a divine aura to your sweet dwellings and corporate working spaces.

Butterfly On The Flower With Koi


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Height】: 5 CM / 2 inches.

【Diameter】: 20.5 CM / 8.1 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 18  layers.

【Process】: 20 days.