Grey Nebula is a slightly different kind of abstract painting in acrylic in the Serene Life Art shop. Considering the idea that some customers love to fiddle with the notion of art, photography, and paintings in black and white, we experimented with the same. An enigmatic result through this pouring art technique dazzled us. What manifested in from of our eyes was something beyond our imagination!


Grey Nebula, presenting on a circular canvas of 12-inch diameter, is composed of a near-black background surface. To initiate the process of evolving textural pattern, the Serene Life Art artist began pouring grey and gradual shades, finally arriving at white. In the case of fluid art, the canvas has to be carefully handled to develop desired effects. Any mishandling will miss our conceptual objective. The white on the right beautifully percolates in the greys to produce an astounding abstract form. The pull of energy is evident in this painting by pouring.


Hang Grey Nebula on a stark black wall or maybe on a white wall with no other accessories to develop a chilling experience in your condo. Sensitive enough to touch a chord of heart, gift this acrylic painting to your weird friend who loves black and white renderings.

Grey Nebula | Resin Painting Wall Decor


【Medium】: Acrylic paints & Resin

【Diameter】: 33 CM / 13 inches.

【Height】: 2.5 CM / 1 inches.

【Layers of resin】: 2  layers.

【Process】: 3 days.